Meeting God

A good foundation is not only necessary, but it is also vital to any construction process. Framing a house is essential, but not before laying the foundation. There is no reason to install windows, doors, roofing, or any other part of the house before you place a good foundation. A good foundation is what MEETING GOD is all about. Meeting God is our first core value. It is the foundation of all the other values encompassing our relationship with God. Without this foundation, we cannot connect with others the way God wants us to connect. If we skip over MEETING GOD, then each brick we lay is eventually torn down by the winds and rains of culture and this world. Join with us as we collectively learn more about God, His nature, and His will for our lives.

During June, all services are in the main Sanctuary, and families are sitting together as family units. We ask that everyone sanitize your hands as you enter the building and honor the seating arrangements posted on the pews to comply with the suggested COVID-19 Mitigation Guidelines. Pews 1 & 3 on the organ side are reserved for the at-risk and elderly.

As soon as we schedule July's activities, we will update this page.