Jason was raised in a minister’s home and very early in life, developed a servant’s heart.  As a small boy he could be found praying and reading his Bible daily.  He started into music ministry as a young teenager, playing the drums and the bass guitar and developed a Christian youth band called the “Pure Tones”.  Continuing his education, he received his Masters in Education from Lamar University and became a Licensed Practicing Counselor.  He served the church as Youth Pastor 1998 – 2014.  During this time, he received his call to a pulpit ministry and was elected by Abundant Life Sanctuary to be their pastor in 2011. He has been asked to speak at several District Youth Camps, and to address Youth Workers at the UPCI National headquarters.  He recently wrote a Bible Study that is a downloadable app and easy to teach wherever one wants to share the Gospel.  His dedication to prayer and Bible reading is very evident in his ministry.