Overtaken by a blessing.

Psalms 23:6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life:

1. We have all, at times wondered when our blessing would arrive. We have watched..
A. others get blessed all around us
B. others get answers to their prayers
C. others mightily used by God
D. when it seems like everything others touch turns to gold while anything you touch falls apart.

2. But I want to encourage you today
A. You may not see it right now
B. you may not feel it right now
C. but if you follow ‘THE WAY’ of the blessing, it will catch up to you
D. if you do what God has ordained you to do, you have no choice but to be blessed.. its automatic
E. you don’t have to beg for it…..you don’t have to worry about it….GOD IS BOUND BY HIS WORD

3. We preach about goodness and mercy following us, but if all they do is follow you…what good does it accomplish?

A. A man was down on his luck and was panhandling on Fifth Avenue before the annual St. Patrick’s day parade got underway in New York City. As a couple strolled by, he called out, “May the blessing of the Lord, which brings love and joy and wealth and a fine family, follow you all the days of your life.” There was a pause as the couple passed his outstretched hand without contributing. Then he shouted after them, “ And never catch up to you.”

I am too blessed to be stressed.
I am too anointed to be disappointed.
I am too fired up to be fed up.

4. I want to see the blessings of God catch up to me and come to fruition in my life.

His blessings shall overtake thee.

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